Saturday, February 18, 2006

India's One Day Series Win

It is really heartening for me to know of the news that India has won the One day series against Pakistan in Pakistan. It has been a long time India has put up such a great performance.And also it is heartening to see the youngsters coming up and performing with responsibility and acting in dedication. The new players Dhoni, Rudra pratap singh, irfan pathan, suresh raina, sreeshant, Y R Rao...all are pushing the seniors of the team to perform better with their performances. And all i can say is that it is good for Indian cricket in general.

I am eagerly waiting for the India - England series. It really is going to be an interesting series with the prospect of each countries outwitting another. Can India do it. or Can England question and stop India's dominance at home. it will be interesting. That is for sure.


An Englishmans Home said...

So what do you think of England's victory - was the opposition really stretching them.

I would really like to see a tough test series, but I suspect we (England) will collapse as soon as we start playing India on their home turf.


Balaji said...

England's victory is good in the sense that it gave all of the players a well deserved match practice. Also it gave the england team to test their spinners in the form of monty and ian blackwell to check who can perform. In all truth the opposition is not great at all. It is just a bunch of first class crickets. But that does not in any way diminish england's victory.

The series will be tough. no doubt on that. It all depends on the english players. If they don't complain about weather, climate blah blah and get on with the cricket, they can make the difference.

It is quite funny. When india comes to play in India, they are not playing in home conditions. The weather is cold and bad, the ball swings a lot in the air. But i generally don't hear our lot complaining. Why do the english players complain so much about.Just imagine the possibilities. They get to see and feel so much of India. It is called application. And if they do that we have a tough series on our hands.

Best of luck to both the teams.