Thursday, February 02, 2006

Youth v/s Experience

A question to ask today. What do you guys think is best - Youthful exuberance or Wisdom with experience. What do you think should be taken into account before taking a decision?

I have to say that I am a wee bit irritated after India’s defeat against Pakistan yesterday. In all fairness I can say that I am not prejudiced in the way I think. India had every opportunity to win the match and they didn’t take it. And hence the result. I would have liked if our batsmen had shown a bit more of gumption and stuck around to finish the task.


joolian said...

just like England's recent efforts over there. Pakistan are a good side but tempremental - never quite sure when they're going to turn it on. Look how bad they were in the first test against England.

Balaji said...

I have to agree it is a young side trying to make a name of its own. Has potential to play well. Time will tell. I am from India and i like india winning and not its opposition :-)

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