Thursday, March 16, 2006

Missed Calls

I saw this interesting article in detailing about a particular phenomenon that exists in India Missed Calls.

This is interesting read. I was not aware that missed calls are used in such a huge manner. I should be saying that I am also a guilty party in doing it. When i am in India, I also indulge in the habit of giving missed calls to my friends to indicate something, but in all truthfulness that was not generally the case.

Also just imagine the situation when Mobile phones were non existent. How did people used to convey messages. Are we calling up every now and then just to entertain ourselves and stop ourselves from being bored to death.


Sona said...

I am surprised you didn't know that,considering that it is SO HUGE out here.
A missed call that is.
For anything and everything ppl give missed calls.To say i want to talk to you,or probably to say call me back ASAP or even jus to say I am thinking of you.
It cud be anything but yea, like you've read it is used pretty widely.
And one more thing, i wanted to comment here cuz i don't know if u wud check back at the post in my blog on which you had commented.
you've got to be kidding.
Humour me allrite?
they are such a pain!!!
well, after you and a host of others ppl who keep telling me to enjoy them i am trying.
Trust me, I AM!!! :-)
PS:point to note is that all those who claim that exams can BE FUN are ppl who have croosed that stage!!HA, there you have it.Nice and easy it is for you people to talk in'it????
gosh, this has become a mini post.
Oops,hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

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