Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Second Test at Mohali

Tomorrow is the start of the second test between India and England. I am really looking forward to the second test as i feel it will be an interesting game to watch. One thing that surprised me was the commentary thrown out by the Sky Sports commentators. Generally i have felt that the British commentary is impartial and catches upon facts and analysis. Something that was certified by the way Ashes series was shown on Channel 4.

This is a different arena all together. You have some good names in the panel - David Gower, Michael Atherton, Ian Botham, Dean Jones, Nasser Husain and the English experts and Javagal Srinath and Siva Rama Krishnan as the Indian experts. Generally it is the Indian commentary team that decides how India needs to be play to win the game. This was clearly opposite out here. With the commentators saying anything that come to their mind irrespective of the fact whether it makes sense to the viewer or not. Do they consider the viewer as idiots. They only know....One good example, Kevin Peterson was rolling up his sleeves when batting. I felt it was due to the heat.....

Nasser Hussain : I am impressed looking at Pieterson. Look Look, he is rolling up his sleaves. He is flexing his muscles. He is showing the indian bowlers he means business.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Forgive me for saying this. How thick do they think we are. Does having muscles in your hand help in scoring runs. What is needed is technique.

High time such senseless commentary is discouraged. I thought only the channel 9 aussie commentators were pathetic in their commentary. Unfortunately this commentary team is giving them a good run for their money. I feel all this bull &&&& is done just to hype it a bit...

Rahul Dravid mulls his options ahead of the second Test, PCB Stadium, Mohali, March 8, 2006 © AFP


Barani said...

I heard that too .. It was nothing but pathetic.

So I have decided to listen to Mute the commentary and listen to Music while watching cricket.

How do you like the idea ?? :)


Srinidhi said...

If every action is attributed to a message of this sort, eg,
1. batsman rolling up the sleeves : "I mean business" (well i dont think a captain would send out batsman for anything other than business)
2. Bowler showing ball to the batsman : "You are going to score zero"
3. captain scratching his *** in front of the batsman : telling his team mates "he is a pain in my &*%, get him out quick"
etc etc,
we can soon get these commentators out of business.
Although a part of commentator's job is to entertain the audience, they have better ways to do it than Nasser Bhai.