Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trip to Trichy and Palani

Had a nice and memorable trip to Tricy. Met all of my relatives out there. I was pleased to see all of them after such a long period of time.

Then had a trip to the holy temple in Palani. That was also very delightful. The walk up the mountain was also not that bad. My uncle who is 40 years elder to me is definitely more agile and athletic. He walked up the mountain without any problem. the less i talk of my condition the better it is. It was a nice trip with my father also accompanying me. Came back yesterday night.


Sriram said...

Kewl da..,

Try some trekking once you are back in Norwich, will probably help in your one-off mountain climbing adventures :)

Have fun!

Craig said...

Great to catch up with your posts mate and it must be great to be in India! I'm back and plan to start posting again.

Its good to be back in the world of blog

Balaji said...

it has been a long time craig. i agree i would definitely love to catch up with your blogs....