Saturday, May 13, 2006

An evening with children

Yesterday evening myself,jon,shane,geoff,deborah,dave,andrew and willow had a game of poker. For the first time ever i came 3rd on both the games played yesterday. I felt it was quite an achivement for someone who generally lose out on a very few hands. It was a good feeling.

I felt the whole days attraction was the 2 daughters of shane who were there yesterday. Grace the elder one and Rose the younger one. Sometimes i do really feel that the kids are more intelligent than us. Before the game shane gave them an option. Do they want to cut grass or go to Jon's place where we play poker. It did not even take 2 seconds for Rose to say what she wants. Yup you guessed right, let us go to Jon's (Don Day's place as she calls it) :-)

We are calling the pokes game we play the Rowlington Road poker tournament as a part of NPT, Norwich Poker Tour. Ha Ha. And trust me people play very seriously. All in all a fun night yesterday.


Craig said...

a game that I really must learn!

Balaji said...

It is an intersting game. Do watch Poker on TV, that gives you a good idea. Even i am no expert. But it is a good game to watch