Monday, May 08, 2006

Sense of Loss

Today morning while I was taking bath I had a very long lost memory coming onto my head. I suddenly remembered a school teacher of mine - Kuraiachan sir.

I studied in St. Peters English Medium High School, Kadayiruppu, Kerala. It was one of the best schools near by my place during that time. In India the teachers use caning to discipline students. I don't think the kids of UK do get caned. I digress.

He used to a carry a pretty long stick which was particularly severe on the hands of any student when used. That 50+ man could scare any god fearing kid. How many times have we got a chance to have a brush with that stick. Not a good memory to be very frank. One day while i was in my 7th standard (if my memory serves me right) it was announced in the school that Kuriachan sir is no more. We saw shell shocked teachers. What were we feeling, a sense of elation: The thought that he will not be back any more to scare us was nice.

Though after a week, it dawned to us the fact that we will never see him again. It did make me feel bad for some time, but very easily forgotten in a childish way.

Now being a bit mature, I think about what would be the loss felt by his family, his friends, and his fellow colleagues. It does definitely make me feel sad, like it did in the morning. I thought all of this with hot water pouring on my body. I was imagining the sense of loss that we have when someone close to us, near to us passes away. The sense of loss is simply astounding. And if i think about it now, what did Kuriachan sir do, he just helped me to become what i am in his own way, teaching discipline to thick skinned buffalos like us.


JJ_NY said...

I also studied at St. Peter's, several years ago. I completed 10th grade there in 1993 and left for New York. What year did you study there?
Joseph Chandy

Balaji said...

Hello. It is a pleasure knowing you. Well I completed my 10th standard during 1995. I would definitely have seen you in school. I think you would be in the same year as Vinod isn't it or Gomathy. Both were from Perumbavoor. Any recollections.