Friday, September 29, 2006

Is the Media industry going to target YouTube?

Hugely popular video site YouTube is adding new features that may help the record companies and regular columnist Bill Thompson thinks the changes are a mistake. A report in the BBC.

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Yes I agree to it that many organizations will target YouTube with copyright issues irrespective of whatever youTube does to ensure that copyright infringement does not happen.

What bugs me the fact that they are going to lose an enormous free service and publicity that they themselves are getting. How many in the world watch some obscure show that gets shown on a channel or how many gets to watch the whole load of music that is released day in day out. As a user am i interested in the bull crap that comes out everyday? If someone likes a video or a news item and uploads the same in YouTube. You are getting free publicity. Who will bother to hear the music that is relased or a programme if they don't even know that exists.

I definitely feel that it is stupid to kill a hen laying golden eggs. Why don't these dumbo's leverage YouTube to their benefit?

I heard that this same thing happened with Radio. When Radio wanted to stream free music online every one in the music industry was up against can you allow music to be aired for free. And look at it now? I have to thank Seth Godin's book Unleashing the idea virus for this point. More and more people buy the music CD's that comes out because they get a chance to hear it on the Radio, like it and then buy it.

But if there was no Radio, how would someone have the ability to make a choice to buy or not to buy.

If Music Industry is feeling so bad, then every consumer has the right to sue them for the sub standard music that is produced and sold day in and day out.

What are your thoughts?

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