Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Project Why

I have been thinking of featuring this in my blog for quite some time and now I have gotten around it.

Project Why is a Non governmental organisation that takes care of orphaned and poor children in India's capital. Please click on the link to know more about the same.

What impresses me the most is the dedication and the devotion shown by Anouradha Bakshi in running this organisation in trying circumstances. She writes a blog detailing her day to day experiences and it is really wonderful to read and most importantly thought provoking. You get to know the difficult part of life. We live a pretty comfortable life by god's grace. But at the same time there are quite a huge chunk of people who do not have that privilage and I reckon it is our duty to help in everyway we can.

Do read Anouradha's Blog and let me know what you think.


project why said...

there have been many great moments at pwhy but what has touched me the most is the incredible network of friends and supporters that have trusted us.
people of all age, all walks of life, from across the world..
making the difficult moments seem easier and given us the grit to carry on
without them we could not have carried on.
pwhy belongs to them.

Publia said...

Because I am not from India, I had a hard time from the websites and blog understanding whether this is an orphanage or a school with an orphanage that also opens its school to local children. While it seems like a very nice place, I really did not understand how t operates. The fact that it has friends from all over the world is very interesting, and a great testament to its mission.

Balaji said...

Hi Publia,

Got a response from Anouradha for your query. Well I am putting this in because she was not able to add comments onto this page....

"Thank you from the heartwarming words.. and let me tell you what pwhy.
Pwhy supports children who have families but whose families are not literate and not present. This is the plight of most slum children who simply drop out of school as they do not have the support system to enable them to keep up.
as in India the same building is used in the morning for girls, and in the evening for boys, pwhy ha sthe reverse
moreover as pre school is not included in the free education programme, we run a preschool and also a day care for 20 children with various disabilities, as they truly are the most neglected lot
over and above learning we provide a child centred environment
we also take on what comes our way so have got 8 children open heart surgeries..
all our staff is from the community and hence we create 28 jobs, often the only one the family has
we have no government or institutional support but a superb network of friends
hope to count you as one of them!
ps the flowers of wilmette are stunning"

Publia said...

Thanks for the reply. I now understand more--it's what we would call an "afterschool enrichment program" and I think they call that type of student at-risk children.
You could feature this charity from time to time on your blog and encourage bloggers to send a little donation, which I did. Project Why is a very nice program.

Balaji said...

How do you do that? I am not sure....

Publia said...

Just have a blog story on Project Why from time to time with a hyperlink. You could be their Blogger patron!

Hip Grandma said...

Pwhy seems to do good work.How do they pay their teachers?Is there anything I can do?

Balaji said...

Welll it is a good idea to donate regularly to such an organisation...there is a pay pal link through which you can donate.

Also you can contact anouradha directly( She can give you more information.

Balaji said...


You can also contribute, by menitioning the work done by Project Why in your blog regularly. You do have a dedicated audience who love to read the stuff that you write including myself. This will prompt them to spread the message as well as help in what ever means possible.

That is what I think,

project why said...

thank you so much for beleiving in us and trusting us implicitly
I can assure you that you trust will not be misplaced
my dream is to see many individuals give tiny amounts but long term
people often give once forgetting that children grow and cannot wait for anyone..
I have written a series of letters to Utpal of which I am copying the last words of the foreword
When you take the decision to travel inwards, to lands yet unknown and unexplored, you are surprised to stumble on a world replete with simple elemental realities and when you craft them together you are faced with a wondrous wisdom, the wisdom of twilight years when you are through with explaining, emulating, fighting, bending backwards, proving the exact opposite of what truly is. That is when you are ready to fall in love for the last time: with life itself.

Dear Popples, is the sum and substance of my life, the quest for twilight wisdom: a simple love story.

If anyone knows a publisher it would mean a lot to me!
and once again bless you all