Sunday, September 24, 2006

Travelling through Equator - Africa

BBC2 is presently showing a series called Equator presented by Simon Reeve. This is his journey via the Equator line.

The following episode contains his walk across Africa via Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya where in he sees the oil in Gabon, fertile but war torn DRC, Wildlife in Uganda and Kenya. Watch it all online by clicking the link below. It is beautiful at the same time very depressing to see the suffering of people. But definitely a superb documentary to watch.

Equator Part 1 - Travel in Africa

Courtesy : BBC


Marutham said...

Hm... Interesting.

Btw, u r their official ambassdr? ;) No offence!

Just kidding...

Will look into that.


Gaurav Jain said...

hey haven't seen it full yet, will see it later. but it's awesome.

thanks for the link!

Balaji said...

@Marutham : :) I am no ambassador. I like watching documenteries. Thought i will share my taste to everyone.

@gaurav : I am sure you will enjoy the documentary.