Friday, September 29, 2006

Will mobile TV make moving viewing?

A new mobile phone TV service lets viewers watch BBC One and ITV1 live on the move. Mobile TV is coming of age - but how well does it work? And will it catch on?

What are your thoughts on the same. Do let me know.

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Pradeep said...

Inventions are a part of society's evolution. But all new things don't stick on. Some survive some don't. DVDs haven't made movie house disppear. Similarly mobile TVs will also coexist with normal TVs, I guess.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and jotting down your comments.

Balaji said...

That is definitely a very interesting observation. I agree with what you say. My irritation with the fact is that everyone will be so busy looking at their mobiles and watching telly even when they are travelling by bus...not bothering to look out, enjoy the scenary, the roads, chat with your fellow passengers etc..etc...i sometimes feel that technology is making people distant rather than together...everyone wants to meet up with someone in Timbuktu where as a good friend can you be your neighbour or someone just down the road.