Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3 rupees cheque

The logic of one of the state governments in India is amazing. The poor farmers of the state suffering from their poor conditions have been provided support --> A cheque of 3 rupees ($0.067).

Apprently this is enough for a farmer to keep his family from hunger. Please don't be mistaken. This is a measly amount that will not fetch a cup of tea. All in the name of democracy.

Sorry for this rant. Couldn't stop myself from blogging this.

Watch it here

Courtesy : CNN IBN


Usha said...

Nonsense. Happens only in this country.

Publia said...

Hope that isn't the poor cotton farmers written about at andolan. That would really increase the suicide rate. It probably cost the government $2 to send each check.

Balaji said...

@Usha >> The apathy shown is really disturbing. The could rather have not send anything at all. That cheque really is a mockery.

@publia >> This is in a different region in India, called Uttar Pradesh.

Anonymous said...

I have no words to comment this... I think all the farmers shud gather the cheques and send it back to the minister... Ghandigiri!!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention... they add a 50 paise along with the cheque

Balaji said...

@Vin >> It is not as easy as that Vin. Hungry man can't think of logics and teaching unless he has made himself into a monk like state. What has been done by sending the cheque is appaling.

Defitely appreciate your thoughts. May be that is what need to be done.