Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogging need to be mandatory in corporate culture

I am presently work for a UK based client and one thing I have understood is that blogging has become is an essential and mandatory thing employed by the corporate staff to engage internally with their customers, i.e. their own staff.
Now a question. How is an employee a customer for their own boss? My take is that this is a 2 way arrangement. Both the boss as well as his staff is customers to one another. The Boss depends on his staff to do a good job and to ensure that he meets the demands of his superior where as the staff depends on their boss for direction, deadlines, passion and commitment. A happy staff will always lead to a happy customer and vice versa.

I read two blogs by the higher management on their day to day work, what he is presently working on in the organisation, What is the vision of the organisation and what are the things that are done so that this vision can be fulfilled, what does he expect from his staff, examples on the same, what are the new developments that are happening in the organisation and what are the reasons there of. And I should admit all of these give me a new respect for the efforts taken to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

This is something that need be done by every organisation.... engagement with their own customers i.e. their own staff since people are what make an organisation what it is. This method provides an insight to their own employees on what a decision that is taken needs to be taken rather than one page document telling the change.

I have to admit I really don’t any organisation in India who has taken by blogging as a means to engage with their internal customers (employees). Hopefully we will see a shift in attitude soon for Indian organisations and steps will be taken to cater to their internal customers.

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