Friday, October 27, 2006

Justice delayed is justice denied

Justice delayed is justice denied. This is something that we hear so often.

Just imagine if you were in the position of Surajnath Yadav, a farmer in the Indian state of Bihar, who for the past 33 years, has been going to the local court as an accused in a case involving the theft of a pair of oxen in his village.

Thirty-three years later, the complainant, four other co-accused and even the policeman investigating the case are dead but for Yadav the trial continues with the court yet to deliver a verdict.

See the CNN-IBN story in video

This story was first featured in the BBC News website

It is good to see CNN IBN picking this story up and showing it to the wider audience.

Hope Surajnath Yadav gets justice soon.


HadesShades said...

A few days back, there was another headline of an individual who did serve for 20+ yrs in jail for murder & rape of a minor girl only to be freed because the police head in charge did confess about his innonence b'fore leaving for his heavenly abode. That man had come recently to Mumbai from a backward place to work as a daily labourer and had been an unsuspecting victim of the system. Now he doesn't know about the whereabouts of his wife & son... he is being helped by an NGO to go to his native place...
In India, the judiciary & police reforms are long overdue.


Balaji said...

That is really sad.


I agree !! We claim to make economic progress and soon we are all set to become the 3rd largest economy in the world.

But then Is this growth uniform..
Poverty/Starvation/Corruption/Ineffective Judiciary system still are the favourite adjectives associated with our country.. Will this ever change..

No posts why?

Balaji said...

@India Shining >> Well I am confident it will change. May be it will take time, but it will change and Looking forward to those days.