Sunday, October 29, 2006

Karan Thapar - Giving Mr. Ramadoss a piece of his mind (which he so rightly deserve)

Karan Thapar is a well known journalist in India. He presents a programme called Devil's Advocate in CNN IBN. In the past episode, Karan is having a conversation with Mr. Ambumani Ramadoss, the health minister of India.

Do watch the whole session here

After seeing the interview I have to admit he has giving a good rollicking to the Health Miniister, on his various wrong policies, including is absolutely shambolic handling of the Doctor's strike, non payment of Doctor's salary in spite of being requested by the Supreme Court of the same, handling of Dr. Venugopal, handling of Dengue etc etc. I am really surprised why is he still in the post.


Anonymous said...

Indian Politics. I m reminded of Arjun Singh's pathetic interview. He didn't know y reservation was needed. ha ha ha

Ashish said...

Why Mr. Ramadoss is in his office ? He can't even be touched. The Govt is dependent on his party as well, and hence would not want to give offence to him.

Balaji said...

@Vin >> It is really unfortunate isn't it. But know what I would not really fully blame the minister. Ministers come, Ministers go...but it is the babus who stay...the open statement is that they will follow the minister's wishes. But they will ensure that it is them who create policies. I think they also should be made accountable. I don't even think that Mr. Ramadoss knew there will be dengue fever during the month of Sep-Oct. Next time rap the health ministry's top babu...that is what I say.

Balaji said...

@ashish >> It is unfortunate. But you have mentioned the truth. The truth in Indian politics.