Thursday, October 19, 2006


This quote was automatically displayed in my gmail account when I was reading a mail. Couldn't help but just enjoy the intelligent qoute. So for all you people.

Quote of the Day - George S. Patton - "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."


Anonymous said...

I think if everyone is thinking alike.. then only one is thinking.... and the one thinking must be a goonda or such, that others don't dare to oppose

Balaji said...

@Vin >> I think the context of the quote is different.

Men are different from one another. All of their thought processes are different and variant and differ from one another. So it is highly unlikely that everyone will have a single opinion on any given matter. Differences are bound to happen. Like in one of the meeting you attend. If everyone agrees without any discussion, you can be fairly confident that either someone is not telling what is their in his mind or no one is thinking properly.

LERA said...

Very True....I hope you are not thinking about Blog hopping now,coz' I am thinking of this right now...;)Nice blog.

Balaji said...