Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Departed - Trailer and Review

The Plot:

Years ago, a powerful Irish mafia figure placed a small selection of his youngest, brightest men into the Massachusetts Police Academy as cadets. Their purpose is to eventually rise within the prestigious ranks of the city's police department, to serve as the eyes and ears of their boss. While somewhere else, a young cadet was assigned with an equally dangerous task: infiltrate the Irish syndicate headed by the man sending in his own to the Boston Police. Now, one cadet is an up and coming police official with a torn allegiance to his job and to the criminal mastermind that put him there. While the other cadet is the trusted number two of that man, only finding his professional duties are becoming blurred with his current state. But new clues have lead to unfortunate discoveries, when both sides realize they're being watched by the enemy. It's now all just a matter of time before the men assigned to find out whose the infiltrator, could come to a bloody end when someone's identity may be revealed.

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My Take:

A real classic. Superb plot, wonderful performances, hey even Leonardo Di Caprio acted well, wonderful screen play, classic Jack Nicolson...I loved the movie. A big grim, but with the storyline like that can't have comedy in it. Defitely watch it.

My Rating : 9/10



Barani said...

yep .. It was wonderfully set up plot. Screen Play amd direction at its best. I echo ur thoughts.. A must watch !!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. plot sounds intresting !!
i got tickets for this movie yday.. but decided to go to umrao jaan.. my Bad !!