Monday, November 13, 2006

Go and rot in hell you bozo

First of all the Chinese attacked India invading our land, supports Pakistan in all the anti social activities conducted in India. Now they want one of our states - Arunachal Pradesh.

I have to say this to the chinese govt - Go and rot in hell you stinking idiot.

It is time our idiots holding posts i.e. our politicians to come out strongly against such statements. I haven't heard one single whimper from anyone of them till now. Amazing...simply amazing....There has been no communication, no stance from our government. Where are you Mr. Manmohan Singh...Stand up and speak for this nation, at least for once leave your petty politics and stand up and be counted.

I am sure the Left will be jumping up and down with joy.

Watch the idiot harping on

Courtesy : CNN IBN


Publia said...

The left has been doing a lot of jumping up with joy lately.

Balaji said...

The sad part is there has not been even a whimper of protest from the so call "Left stalwarts". Well there you go. That is Indian democracy for you.