Friday, November 03, 2006

How to say no to unsolicited banking calls

First of all a disclaimer, this article is relevant for readers in India or readers outside India who hold bank account in India.

We regularly get a huge number of phone calls from various tele-marketing agencies who offer free credit cards or Insurance products over phone. I have to admit this practice annoys me since I am really not looking out for offers especially when credit cards are concerned.

How do you ensure that you don’t receive such calls? RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has released certain guidelines that every bank must adhere to and one of the points that have been mentioned is the maintenance of DNCR (Do Not Call Registry). If you have registered with the bank in their DNCR, the banks are law bound not to disturb you directly or via marketing agencies.

This is a first genuine step undertaken to ensure customer’s privacy. It is a bit tedious since you have to register with each of the banks individually. But steps are being taken to ensure that there is only one DNCR used by all banks. Hopefully that will come in future.

Read this Rediff article that has provided with this useful information

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Barani said...

I und.. it is so annoying . Such a thing never existed in India. But then Soft selling over Phone and thru maliers has started in a big way in last 2-3 years.

The only good thing about this .. is that it has created millions of jobs. :))