Friday, November 24, 2006

Politicians need to shut up on matters of Cricket

On Tuesday India received a drubbing from South Africa. Millions of Indian including myself are appaled by the dismal collapse of our national team. Yes..I am frustrated and angry at how we are performing.

But what I don't want is our politicians making it a national issue and releasing statements. eg. Brinda Karat (who???) want Ganguly back in Indian team. Ok...I don't have any problem in having Ganguly back because I do admire him. But there are people who are in roles who take such decisions and they do a good job of it.

What we don't want our politicians to do is to take care of national decisions, pass bills, make policies that make positive impact to the nation. But no...they don't have time for such things...who takes care of nation anyways...Yes they may have opinions...and they are right to have it. But wasting tax payers money discussing this in parliment is unpardonable and infact a crime.

So my dear politicians, nothing will happen if India lose a game...but our nation will be in disarray if you make wrong decisions. Concentrate on those..there are people who will take care of cricket

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