Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank you Ramjethmalani

I never thought I will say this ever because I have no liking for this person and no liking for the person whom he is defending now.

But one thing he has said in the interview in CNN IBN is that "Press do not have any right to accuse a person when the court has not yet reached a verdict."

An absolute master piece of an interview. Very pleasing to see the press getting a good rollicking. And the only thing that Sagariga Ghosh can do is listen in silence because she does not have any answer for the various questions raised by Ram Jeth Malani. Interesting.

Watch it here

A preview : Ram Jeth Malani verbatim

Who the hell is the Press to deicide who is indefensible? Courts decide that. And they decide that after hearing the lawyers; and the lawyer’s duty is to assist the court to arrive at a conclusion. The Press has no right in trying to determine this issue. The Press in trying to determinate and declaring it to the people is guilty of the highest form of contempt.

I am a great lover of the Press and a great lover of the freedom of speech and expression. But please recognise your limits. The worst contempt you can commit is the contempt of prejudicing mankind against a person who is standing in trial for life. You have no business in going around telling people that Manu Sharma’s case is indefensible.

Every case is indefensible—how do you know? Who the hell are you to decide and I want to know. And I want to ask the proprietors who are running this show – what right have they? Have they the means of deciding? Have they heard the witnesses? Have they read the evidence?

Courtesy : CNN IBN

It does require balls to show this interview on television. Good work CNN IBN.


Paavai said...

Totally agree. I was so glad that there was someone who could take on the media for once. I am not for a minute sympathizing with murderers and rapists or terrorists, but this attitude of sitting on a moral high ground and passing judgement should stop. Though it is an old saying - timeless though - let the first man who has not committed any wrong throw the first stone.

Starting with falsifying LTA claims to not submitting excess per diem, so called educated people adopt corrupt practices and suddenly today everyone wants to convict Manu Sharma or Rahul Mahajan or Nikhil. Let law take its course - media and the citizens can request for a speedy trial .. and stop at that. These verdicts by sms need to stop immediately.

In wrong doing there is nothing small or big, a wrong is a wrong and it is time for each of us to introspect before pronouncing a verdict.

Sagarika in my opinion needs a lot of training on communication skills, right from modulating her voice, intonation and her style of talking over someone

Balaji said...

@Paavai >> I completely agree. But I think media in our conntry also do not have much choice.

See how many instances where our corrupt politicians have taken money on camera and shown to the whole country.

Why have no steps taken till not to put them in Jain and feed them jail food.

Laloo, Bangaru Lakshman, Tahelka case, Mayavati (Taj Corridor, one in the huge lot)....etc etc...Unless and until there is a huge uproar no action will be taken against them and they will be running scot free. I do empathise with our media who thinks that if our system does not do it, it has to be done by ourselves...but how much is a question that I really don't have an answer for.

HadesShades said...

It is difficult to know the facts (partial or complete) and yet be impartial. That requires much integrity.