Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why I remain wary of China

An excellent article has been published in written by B Raman, for intelligene official on the reasons for his distrust towards China.

All the points mentioned and valid and what he says at the end summerises the situation beautifully.

"Under the renewed spell of Bhai-Bhaism, or brotherhood, we have so badly neglected the vital national security task of strengthening our position in Arunachal Pradesh and the rest of the North-East that we are in no better position today than we were in 1962, when we faced an avoidable disaster at the hands of the Chinese.

The Chinese have a long memory of their painful experiences of the past. They refuse to forget what the Japanese did to them during the Second World War and in the years before that. They refuse to forget what the rest of the world did to them during the opium wars. They refuse to forget what the Americans did to them during the Cold War.

Our nation, our people and our policy-makers have no memory for the painful experiences of even yesterday."

Read the full article here


Hiren said...

Nehru paid a very heavy price for trusting China.

Balaji said...

Yes I fully agree. Though I am not an expert on history, I do know that China attacked when the whole world was busy with another crises. With our trust we did not have any choice other than defeat. Such was the whole thing planned and executed and our trust stamped onto the ground. I really don't understand why we even faintly believe that we can trust China. That definitely is a joke.

Atleast I will be vary till the communists are thrown and democracy comes into place. That is another joke. Unfortunate isn't it?

China is a completely capitalist country now. So why this facade of being communists.

Vin said...

I completely concur with you... Indian pokiticans live for themselves ONLY... that is y this problem