Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wonderful pictures

Mary Elliott: "The morning sun breaking through the beech woods near Stroud in Gloucestershire."

a picture by Steffen Wragg of the ruins at Ayutthaya, Thailand

See the list all pics here

Courtesy : BBC


Mandy said...

Hello Balaji,
I'm pleased you liked my boyfriend's photo of Ayutthaya, I think it's a great shot, but I'm biased of course! I sent the pic to the BBC in the hope that it would be featured and that Steffen might get some feedback. We were in Thailand Feb 06 and he's taken some other brilliant shots that I hope to submit to a Sunday Times travel photo competition.

Balaji said...


They are fantastic pictures. I loved it and could really visualise the serenity in the face of Lord Buddha.

I love the photos that get featured in BBC. I link to those photos in this blog and point the readers to the correct location so that they all can enjoy the rest. Hopefully many will.