Thursday, December 21, 2006

Amazing pictures of foggy weather in Britan

The past few days have been very foggy in Britan. Huge amount of chaos is going on in heathrow since quite a huge number of flights have been cancelled. Many people are finding it difficult to go to their respective homes before Christmas. There is absolutely no sunshine.

Meanwhile some people have found joy in this foggy climate and have taken some amazing pictures and this is being hosted in the BBC website. Simply superb.

Martin McDonald sent this birds-eye view of a misty London cityscape. You can see the St.Paul's cathedral and very faint view of London eye in the background.

Anthony Marsh: "Fog can be beautiful, Chatsworth.". You can see this type of scenary only in pictures. Now you can see it in real life. wonderful.

Watch the remaining pics by clicking this link

Courtesy : BBC.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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smiley said...

intersting snaps :)