Thursday, December 07, 2006

Unicef poster girl back in school

Recently BBC had a news report on the Chuhiya, the Unicef poster girl for Anti Child Labour Law, still working as a day laborer in her fathers stall. I had blogged that story here.

Apparently CNN IBN reports that this child has been admitted to school on action by the state authorities, and she is enjoying this first time experience of being a child.

I am really happy for Chuhiya and hopefully more children will get a chance to study and learn.

In the story CNN IBN claims that this story was reported by CNN IBN and takes the success upon themselves. I should admit that I really don't think so. If they had reported this story it would have come as a video in the site. What best an opportunity to shame the govt than reporting this?

I think that this story was featured in BBC first and later on taken upon by CNN IBN, for which I really appreciate them. But mentioning that they are the first to bring this story, sorry guys though I love your channel, i really have my doubts.

Courtesy : BBC and CNN IBN


Barani said...

Its nice to show she is school.

Balaji said...

Yes I agree.....

Publia said...

Always glad when you raise awareness about child labor. I am happy to hear about India's new law; I hope it works out well.