Friday, January 19, 2007

I am sick and tired of Shipa's racism row

Damn. I am sick and tired of hearing this news again and again and again. I fully concur with what Amit has said in his post.

We have so many people protesting, furore in certain sec ions of the society, processions, countless TV hours. damn it. She knew very well what she is going onto. Unfortunately people in India do not have an idea on what sort of stupid show Big Brother is. I am sure this year big brother UK will be bought some channel or other and then shown in the telly with much adverts and all.

Shilpa shetty gets a cool 3 crore for being there, gets her faltering career back, if she is smart enough now she has earned the right to write a book with some dumb title, her mom whom I have never seen till now gets TV coverage, Big Brother gets a foot hold in India. What do you or me get? What does these politicians who waste countless parliament time get. This is taking stupidity to a new level.

Stop this guys. We have better and far more important things to do.


Anonymous said...

Whoa Bala!!!!!

Controversial post - good anger!!!!!!

(I agree - but it doesn't excuse the actions of the idiots who are abusing her)

:-) Jon

Balaji said...

@Jon >> I agree. But Shilpa could have known that she might expect that...Anyways as Shane wisely puts it "It is the difference in cultures" and its interaction... :)

helsalata said...

It's great to hear an Indian saying these things. Big Brother have put her in the house to have things like this happen to gain lots of news headlines. Put anyone in the house from another country and it will take time for the residents in the house to acclimatise to having someone from another culture there. That's if you've got a house full of normal people...

Balaji said...

@helsalata >> You definitely know about my loathing for Big Brother if you have seen some of my previous posts.

As far as I am concerned Shilpa is not getting an iota of my sympathy. She chose to stay with idiots and she got to suffer the consequences. If It was me or some other Indian friend in the house no one would have bothered if I had cried.

Jade is an idiot. It is the British public who choose to carry her on their heads. I don't know why anyone should bother about what she thinks?