Monday, January 08, 2007

Mobile Revolution for my mom

Today I thought it will be an apt time to write about something really interesting.

My mom was never comfortable in using mobile and had never used one till some 6 months back. that was the time she got a mobile from my younger bro. she was skeptical and was almost fixed on not using it.

6 months later...She was talking with a friend of her's in the hospital who had come to visit my father....and I could help overhearing a bit of the conversation.

My mom >> I can't call from this room because the coverage sign vanishes from the mobile from time to time...

Wow...Here is someone who was very reluctant to use mobile till sometime back, now talking about coverage and network...some technical terms. I am confident that she does not know how the mobile technology works...but who long as one can use it and benefit from it.

Isn't this astounding???


Alapana said...

My mom does the same,when my brother got her Nokia N series she was apprehensive,today she tells me how to view her messages and knows how to change the ringtones:) and i feel so good when i see her ready to accept the technology which she was not used to before.
Glad to know you dad is fine now,do takecare and have a good year ahead.

Usha said...

Yes! dont under estimate today's moms. We are cool!

Balaji said...

@alapana >> It gives me immense pleasure to know my mom adopting new stuff. that is really kool. Thanks for your wishes.

@usha >> Yes I know...All of you are kool and better at whatever you do. :)