Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finding it difficult to access blogger from Sify Iways

One of the problems of not having a PC of your own is to rely on Internet cafe's. I rely on Sify since it offers good speed and is comfortable. But I have found one major problem that is making me think whether to use sify anymore. I find it very difficult to access from Sify. It takes and enourmous time to load and I am not able to log in at all. It is making me wildly irritated since I am not able to follow up with my passion for blogging. isn't that annoying?


Publia said...

You should write your posts in Word and email them to a trusted friend. You could give the friend your password and they could post your posts. That sounds like it would be an easier way!

Hip Grandma said...

It can be frustrating.I've gone thro' it.Sifi Iway is supposed to be the best available option