Friday, February 09, 2007

Hardy Boys

How may of my dear readers have read "Hardy Boys" and have been influenced by it.

The characters Frank and Joe Hardy are etched in my mind. There was no mystery that these 2 couldn't solve and I have been a part of many a mysteries closing following them in my imagination. :)

I can definitely vouch for myself. My fascination of reading Hardy Boys started in my teens and it definitely went on for quite some time. My school library had a huge collection of hardy boys and during my school days, I used to try to read a book a day. All the chapters used to end in an exciting fashion that prompted you to read the next and the next till you finish the book. For eg. "Frank looked at the speeding car running towards the unconscious Joe" (or) "Joe looked up and saw the big crate falling on Frank's head".

if any teen is reading this blog, I would really urge them to read Hardy Boys. Even for people of other ages, it is still not late.

Happy reading


Publia said...

I liked Nancy Drew, the mystery books for girls which follow a similar formula. As a child, I was visiting family friends once, though,where the only child was a boy. I was bored and read a Hardy Boys book, so yes, I did read one. I don't think Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are popular here anymore, except maybe for nostalgic collectors.

When I grew up I then read all the Agatha Christie mysteries. Like the Nancy Drew stories, they weren't too scary. Mysteries today aren't so tame. If you haven't read Agatha Christie you might like it, although I think they might be a little dated.

Alapana said...

I did,I did,Famous five,Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys,I read them all while in school:)

Balaji said...

@publia >> I have read Nancy Drew, but I should admit I was more of a Hardy Boys fan and not Nancy Drew's mystery fan.

@alapana >> :) ... Ahh the pleasure that it provides...

jose said...

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