Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bad 'Jet' experience

It is quite funny that Indian companies in general care a hoot about keeping their consumer's happy. Another example of the same is given by a superb fellow blogger Kiruba, when he was not given a seat in Jet Airways which he had a booked long back.

Do read this experience and figure out whether this practice of Jet is good or not.

I find this appaling and condemnable. Do give me your thoughts.

Note: I own shares of Jet Airways (Not a huge number) but still some of good hard earned money is in it. And it gives me no pleasure when such a thing is done by Jet Airways.


Jon said...

The customer service sounds like it sucks...but I understand that overbooking is a universal practive amongst airline companies :-(

Not sure that turning up bang on the deadline was helpful, but that aside it doesn't make the poor customer experience right.

Balaji said...

It is a bad experience. I really don't want to be told that I do not have a seat in the plane where I have booked already. So what if I come bang on time..I have done my booking and it is up to me whether I want to travel or not isn't it?

Publia said...

Generally problems with a company show up in real life experiences long before they show up in the balance sheets. Unless you think this is an isolated instance, it might be a good time to cash out your gains and reinvest them in a company that shares your values.