Monday, June 04, 2007

Can Search Engines create a behavioral map of who you are?

Yes says this BBC report

It is very very interesting and opens up a huge amount of scope. And I should admit at the same time it is a scary thought that someone or something whom I don't know knows so much about me without my explicit know how.

What is your opinion?


Publia said...

I cannot say "I google, therefore I am." The search engines only know what I search for, and I might only be searching for what I don't know about (part of what I am) already. A picture is made, but it can be highly flawed.

Balaji said...

@publia >> Yes, to an extend I agree with you. But the catch is a lot of energy is being put on a day to day basis to understand the behavioral pattern of the individual be it to understand what you buy over a website on a regular basis and show you the stuff that you generally buy by using the system (or) your search pattern.

Just imagine the potential that it provides. Generally the stuff that you search for will give a generic idea of what sort of individual you are and what sort of personality you inculcate isn't it?