Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An opportunity to make a difference

Readers of my blog would perhaps know that I really do like the activities that is done by Project Why and I do regularly read the blog written by Anouradha, the main inspiration behind Project Why.

Today morning she send out a mail to me mentioning about Nicola. I would request you all to read this blog post first.

She desperately needs to have a hip surgery done and Project Why is taking initiative for it. They are desperately short of Rs.40,000 ($1125). It is by no means a small amount for anyone. But the principle is small drops make up rain. I request you all to contribute towards this noble cause and make a difference to someone whom you really even don't know.

Please do pass this around and pray to God that this amount is obtained soon and Nicola is well soon.

Contents of Anou's mail:

"Dear All
Some of you may have read N's story
Over the past 7 years we have reached out to many children and even adults but never have I come across an individual more deserving than Nicola.
To see one whose childhood was usurped by predators, whose teenage was hijacked by substance abuse and who anyone, no matter how generous would have written off rise like a phoenix to become a beacon of hope for many is nothing short of a miracle.
When we set out to raise money for her hip operation - subsequent to a road accident - we were given a figure by the hospital authorities themselves.
We managed to raise the required amount with the help of friends in record time.
However last week when N went to the hospital to fix her date of surgery, we were shocked to see that the same hospital had upped the amount by a whopping 40 000 Rs.
This is not the place and time to vent one's anger over this. the fact is the we need to raise the missing amount as N has to have her surgery done as soon as possible.
I am confident that we can all spare a little to help this wonderful person and single mom.
I am sure that like in the past, you will once again reach out and help us overcome this hurdle.
In deep gratitude
ps: in case you have already helped, and this mail recahes you, please just pass the word around!"

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