Saturday, July 21, 2007

Long Live Harry Potter

I absolutely agree with what Andrew Pierce proclaims

"Apparently, my admiration for Rowling is a product of a dumbed-down society, according to the critics. The books are a product of the "infantilisation of adult culture", says Philip Hensher. "A pedestrian, ungrammatical prose style," was the usually admirable Anthony Holden's take.

Maybe they are right. But Rowling is responsible for millions of schoolchildren reading for pleasure once more, when we are always being told that the printed word is dead. So I won't be ashamed to be seen queueing for my copy, even though I know that good will prevail over evil. But I dread Harry being killed off. If he has been, there will be an even louder howl."

in the Telegraph opinion

"No shame in being a fan of Harry Potter"


Anonymous said...

So did u manage to get ur copy? hope u enjoyed reading it. i havent read a single HP, i thought i was way too old to start reading it, havent seen the movies either. maybe its time i let the HP bug attack me.

Balaji said...

@anonymous >> I haven't got my copy as of now. I am not going to buy soon either. I like to take my time and read when I want to. The first time I took to Harry potter book i.e. book 1...I hadn't even heard of it and It was a throughly enjoyable experience. I want to experience that and not run over by the hype surrounding it. I will take my time and read it for sure.. :) and I am sure I will not be disappointed.

And by the way, let the HP bug bite you...You will definitely enjoy it.