Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chak De India

Today morning I saw the movie Chak De India. I should admit I really
enjoyed the movie a lot. A good analysis of the movie has been given
by <a href=""
target="_blank">Ravi</a>. I won't add anything much on top of this
since the observation by Ravi is really good.

Just my $.20 thought...

a) It really struck a chord with me since we Indians want to be
recognized and want our country to be the best nation in the world.
That desire to excel makes us want to be in the position of the
underdogs beating other teams.

b) Personally I want to excel in what ever I do..I appreciated the
movie since that is what the movie prompts everyone of us do...i.e. to

It is in no way any different from any other sport underdog movie. But
it is different...To know the difference do watch the movie.

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Ravi Kandala said...

Hey, thanks for the encouragement...We did not get to see it this weekend due to the blasts!