Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Movie Recommendation - Remember the Titans

I enjoy sports movies. I enjoy the fact that no team in this world has
gained anything worthwhile without putting in the necessary dedication
and effort.

I am going to recommend the movie "Remember the Titans"
(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0210945/) to everyone who reads my blog.

I really enjoyed the movie. It is an American football movie in which
white and black players had to learn and respect one another before
they can win the ultimate prize, the state championship.

I loved the following quote from the movie. A conversation between
Julius Campbell (black in defence) and Gerry Bertier (While captain in
defence). They had their inherent frictions in the start and later
became good friends. The scene happens when Gerry has had an accident
and Julius visits him in hospital.

"I was afraid of you Julius. I dont understand what I was afraid of.
Now I only know I was only hating my brother."

Isn't this true in all our prejucides that we grow in my minds. Why do
we hate someone a lot. Isn't it because of the fact that we are afraid
of them, insecure in their presence....

Just a thought


cure for ennui said...

yes a nice hindsight.we do ruin relationships by givin into prejudices and baseless fears.

cure for ennui said...
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Anonymous said...

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