Monday, October 29, 2007

HULU - Competition for YouTube

Today I saw an interesting news item about --> This is a
online video sharing portal designed by News Corp and NBC Universal
that will be showing full-length films and TV episodes, supported by

This site will also allow users to embed their videos in their blogs.
That is interesting.

Why is this a potential threat to youTube?

> You Tube has been accused to hosting a lot of illegal clips (I am not sure why this is sited as such a big problem. I go there just to enjoy some music or some comedy stuff which I can\'t view on a day to day basis. I would not, I stress would not, pay for it and watch the same since I am not going to lose sweat over not watching it). HULU will make quite a lot of stuff legal.

> Advertisers can reach the customer easily. what I mean is if the advertisers can target audience depending on the shows

> HULU can charge advertisers depending on some measurable scale. Better revenue utilization

> I think it will be more interesting to watch shows rather than the n number of useless video\'s that gets shown on You Tube.

May be I am wrong in my thinking. I do hope someone from YouTube do clarify me.

YouTube needs to think of countering this.

> I say Go Local. English is not the only language in the world. Get into arrangements in countries like India for showing content on languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc. They do not have the restriction that is faced by HULU. The sooner it is done, the better it is for them.

> They need to have better video/audio. You need audiences to watch it and main depend on it.

Correct me guys if my logic is wrong.

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