Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Only the Paranoid Survive

I am reading the book --> Only the Paranoid Survive written by Andrew
S. Grove, President and CEO of Intel Corp and am finding it
interesting and enriching. I wanted to Quote a paragraph from the book
that I found very interesting.


We all need to expose ourselves to the winds of change. We need to
expose ourselves to our customers, both the ones who are staying with
us as well as those whom we may lose sticking to the past. We need to
expose ourselves to lower- level employees, who, when encourages will
tell us a lot that we need to know. We must invite comments even from
people whose job is to constantly evaluate and critique us, such as
journalists and members of the finantial community. Turn the tables
and ask them some questions: about competitors, trends in the industry
and what they think we should be most concerned with. As we throw
ourselves into raw action, our senses and instincts will rapidly be
honed again.


My question is --> are we doing this with ourselves since this applies
to an individual as well as a company.

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