Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kissa phone number Ka

I remember a kissa...

Last month I had gone to attend the reception of my friend Sailesh, he
is a senior of mine in college from Delhi. I had gone there fairly
late since it was a work day and it takes some time to reach the

I got myself introduced to Divya, sailesh's wife and had a good time
to see him after 7 years...that is quite a long time isn't it? It was
so very nice...

an incident...I asked sailesh to give me his contact number and he
turned to divya and asked..please give me the number will you...she
gave him a glare,,,a girl glare you see... :) and asked can you not
remember my number...Knowing sailesh ( like me...these are not things
that he worries a lot)...and says <smile> oops...can't remember and I
say to Divya..."Do you remember his phone number"??? how I regret
asking the question to her... :) she says ...Well I know his personal
mobile number, his landline number, his office number, his mother's
number and his brother's number all in my head..and he can't remember
my number... :) damn...I really felt that time I had to keep my mouth
shut. Sailesh was glaring at me...and I ignored him... :)

Balaji M

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