Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Question to BCCI?

You are want your players to perform. You want them to be given their pay based on grades. You want to control their endorsements. You demand excellence from them. You want them to be accountable.

When will you guys be accountable?

But how can your find accountability from players when you ,the parent, is full of crap?

        > When are we going to get a new coach? It has been 7 months since Greg resigned and still no action.
        > When will we some good standard stadiums in this country where the spectators are treated as human beings instead of pests
        > When will you stop giving tickets to all the free loaders to watch the games?
        > When will any of your action lead to the development of the sport in this country?

Living in "No Accountability" world is perfect for you guys isn't it?

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