Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The era of the trivial

Readers of my blog will know that I am a big fan of media and the
importance that it has brought to India in the recent years with the
advent of enormous number of news channels and their constant seeking
of news.

Though it has a lot of positives thrown about, it has also brought
about several negative trends -- Celebration of the Trivial

Things that we would never bother for e.g. What is the dress worn by
Aiswarya on her marriage?, Who made the sweets during the wedding? Is
there toilet arrangement out there and who manages it?

They are analysed and discussed and thrown about to us as news which
makes the most important ones insignificant.

A good example being the news on martyrdom of Major Manish Pitambare,
a brave soldier who gave up his life fighting militants in Andra
Pradesh. Unfortunate he died on the day Sanjay Dutt, a film actor and
some one convicted for crime in couts, got released. The news of the
Major did not even feature in the 100's of news channels that we have.
From morning till mid night we had minute by minute coverage of sanjay
getting released, him having breakfast, his emotional scenes with his
family blah blah blah to the extend of boredom.

I do not blame Sanjay for this. But is the media responsible? (or) Are
we the people of this country give more importance to a film actor
than to someone who gives up his life for his own country. Shouldn't
we be ashamed of ourself for what we have become? Do we also need to
become like the "celebrity life style in the U.S. and U.K" following
the news of idiots like Paris Hilton and Kate Moss?

shameful and disgusting isn't it?

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Publia said...

What a great post! You hit the problem on the head precisely. Have we developed into people whose only interest is a relentless search for amusement? The problem is global.