Thursday, December 13, 2007

The have been's

One of the latest trends due to our media onslaught is the advent of the "Have Beens" in sports broadcast. This is reflected by the number of critics that India's most popular sport Cricket has.

Be it Sunil Gavaskar, Ajay Jadega, Sidhu, Ravi Shastri, Arun Lal, Bishen Singh Bedi, Kris Srikanth etc etc.

Yes they have performed well during their times. Yes they had to face the west indian pace battery. Yes they had torrid times...All during their hey days....

But what matters is what are they doing now? They only job that they end up doing is criticizing the present crop of players in the guile of giving them advice. Today it was Gavaskar's turn on Why Kumble did not declare earlier. Yes Sunny on a hind sight he could have. But he didn't? He is the captain and he has every right to decide what he wants to do. Yes May be he wanted to have Dinesh score his 50. so what? it is his decision. Some says he is defensive. To be truthful even I feel that...But again so what...he is defensive. that is what he is. End of the day he is the captain. He does what deems right. It is easier to be an arm chair critic. I think you would be the best one to know that.

If Pakistan had scored 200/1 in the remaining time,,,i am sure you and others like you would have patted Kumble in the back and said what an intelligent man to delay the declaration....isn't it?

Why don't you just support him and let him do his job. As Kumble says...his priority was to seal the series...I think he is entitled to think in the way he did...isn't Sunny....

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