Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank You Greg Chappel

This is an ode that I want to write for Greg Chappel for his
contribution to Indian cricket.

I am attributing the full success of Saurav's hunger to perform due to
his omission from the team largely due to Greg. I am not going to say
whether the action was right or wrong. I do not have such knowledge to
comment on it.

But the omission has definitely done Saurav wonders. A man who had
forgotten to bat and bowl, a man who shied to run in the field and a
man who had lost his path in the game found everything when he got
omitted. I am not a fan of the manner of his omission.

But I attribute all his hunger to perform due to that one action. And
a man like Saurav constantly needs to be challenged, his brute
instincts needs to be provoked for him to perform. A lion when loaded
with food only sleeps and a lion who is hungry only knows to attack.

Thank you Greg for contributing in your own way to Saurav's recent turn of form.

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