Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The enigma called Left in India

The communists in India are known for one thing. It is their duty oppose everything that anyone else proposes. The funny thing is they will oppose even if the proposal is theirs



Barani said...

No Indian can be a communist @ heart.

In India Communism is only a means to escape work .

Balaji said...

@Barani >> i am not sure I agree with that da. There are some positives of having communists in Kerala like a lot of intellectual fraternity are communists, keeping Kerala green stuff and all are lead by communists. At the same time, they will not allow progress to happen...it is just an anomaly

Jon said...

All Communists are equal, but some are more equal than others, right?!


Barani said...

As the Cliche Goes.

Capitalism - Rich become Richer and Poor become Poorer

Communism - Poor become Poorer. Rich become Poor too.

Jon said...

Not sure I'm a fan of either, but then again I live in a distinctly capitalist world, so best I get used to it, right?