Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Blast!!!

In Delhi

The same story will continue

> Media talking on "Is our Govt soft on Terror"
> Interview people at scene
> Show to India the next day how resilient people of Delhi are
> Token speeches by politicians
> PM declaring his resolve on war against terrorists
> Opposition demanding more action
> Police/CBI continue investigation, without any success
> Blame on Pakistan/ISI/any organization that is hot at the moment
> No one caught
> 2 days after everything is forgotten
> Next year there will be a special anniversary report by news channels

And the story continues

Note: The truth is I do not want to be a cynical B...But I do not think this story is going to vary greatly though....

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Pranathi Srinivasan said...

Regarding "another blast".. you just read my mind! quite pathetic, isnt it?