Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NDTV Live TV or its videos does not play in Firefox

I really don't get it.

NDTV has some fantastic competition from IBN Live in the web world. And it is this competition from IBN Live that forced it to move from being a paid news service via Web to a free one. Funnily enough, NDTV seems not to get the plot even now. for e.g. NDTV videos or live does not play in a browser used by 25% of the world. That is a huge audience that is being missed out because of negligence.


garima said...

ndtv videos dont play in internet explorer either..i tried google chrome & opera besides firefox but no success so far:)

Balaji said...

@garima >> Oh Really...For me the videos play on IE 7 (The browser I use) and Chrome. It can be slow during loading though.