Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Will BSE Sensex touch 11k?

This has been an year of pains to see the least...From the euphoric highs of 22k+, our sensex is meandering in 12k+...a fall of more than 40%

Wow...I am feeling a bit sick when another analyst start to talk about the strong fundamental Indian economic story (or) India being decoupled from Global economy. Why did this happen? Is it only Global factors and money being taken out of the country (or) Is our economy flawed somewhere? Are we doing something wrong for this to happen? I don't know. Anyone who has an opinion, please put in your comments....

Note: I think that we are going to touch 11k. May be even less...It is going to be painful. If only I could act beforehand...


Update: The sensex touched 10K...Mmm...interesting and distressing

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