Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have a library

"We have a library" says Anou, who runs the NGO Project Why.

Read the whole post to know the whole story.

Why am I writing this? Project Why is an NGO that I like and I support in my small means possible. It will be wonderful if some of you who read the post can subscribe to children's magazine and contribute in your own small way.

I think I am not asking for much. Well what did I do. Today, I subscribed to Gokulam, A children's magazine in English for an year to Project Why. Well, What did it cost me... Exactly Rs.140/-...something that we would spend on a day out...

I am sure many children in ProjectWhy will read this book and have the pleasures that I had when I was a child and would wait a whole month to get the new month's edition.

To those who are interested,

Project Why address

Anouradha Bakshi
Project Why
C 15 Chiragh Enclave,
New delhi

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Lead the World... said...

Can you subscribe one for me or atleast give me the link/site where i can subscribe (if i can online)