Friday, March 13, 2009

Where are the Ideals?

Election time in India? and it is the time of unholy alliances. One's inner wear is ready to become some one else's inner wear. It is so sad to see the state of politics in the country and it saddens me!!!

I wonder is there no ideal that an individual or a party can stick with? Can one not stick with principles only other than worrying about being in power? Tough isn't and sad at the same time...

The biggest anomaly being the communists supporting Congress at the center where as they fight it out in the different states...May be I am idiot worrying about ideas in this era of unholy alliances

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Lead the World... said...

Thats the state of politics in the World. Every politician aim to build their assets not help the public or country. Anyway, watch the Party - Lok Satta - i am not aware of the members of the party, but the leader Jaya Prakash, an ex-IAS officer built and leading the party with principles. No publicity, no money pouring or liquor supply, go by principles, all contestants are well educated and Vows to fight until his last sec with same principles irrespective of whether he gets one seat or even one vote.

Ofcourse, his ideas and principles are highly appreciated but for me his approach is wrong. anyway you can count on him for a ideal party.