Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is the price worth paying?

I am sure each and everyone of you uses anyone of the social networking sites that are in web today be it Orkut.com, Facebook.com or Myspace.com. Everyone enjoys the privilages it offers like sharing photos, joining groups, Games applications etc etc...the list is endless.

I have a question in mind though. If all of these networking sites starts to charge you for using their facilities or using the site, Will it remain popular? and more importantly Will you be ready to pay for it?

I want to know opinion of my readers!!!


Lead the World... said...

I will not.....

Anonymous said...

In this economy....no way.

Well,even in a vibrant economy--nope!

As somebody wise once said

"to see someone's character,offer them something free"

Too much philosophy..but the answer is still 'no":-)


Anonymous said...

ohh btw,i frequent your blog often...i like it's tone.keep it up.

prodigal said...

Maybe..it depends. But it would definitely be much lesser crowd.

Publia said...

I don't think I would pay.