Sunday, January 10, 2010

Congress party's reaction to Taroor's comments - Is it needed?

Shashi Taroor, in his brief experience as a minster has had his share of controversies, especially rubbing the Congress party in the wrong manner.

Here is another one in the same vein: I was misquoted, hence misjudged: Shashi Tharoor

Why does the Grand Old Party in India always act in this manner. What can't someone from the party critize on what he thinks was wrong committed by one of its premier leaders? Does this mean that none of Leaders in Congress have committed any mistakes in their lifetime? Were they always correct in every context and scenario? Why is it so difficult to accept mistakes, accept opnion (even though you don't necessarily think they are right) and move on.


Harsha said...

remember..the pm is always right :P no wonder that this happened :)

Zian Wood said...

I think it is easier to judge the mistakes of others that their (excuse my English, this is Google translate!)